About our next weekly Sacred Circle Gathering on Zoom (Nov. 29, 2020)

You are invited to join us this coming Sunday in our next Church of the Wheel Gathering (online):

Date: November 29, 2020

Time: 9:30 a.m. MST which is (10:00 p.m. IST)

Theme: “Smile”

Link to register for this weeks Gathering:


Pre-registration is required as our Gathering Room varies every week.

After registering, Paul will approve you and you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


All of our Gatherings take place in Sacred Space.

Therefore, I humbly request that you:

1: Please make sure that you microphone is operating, else you may not hear me.

2: However, please mute your microphone when you enter the Sacred Circle and please remain on mute during our Gathering unless called out by myself.

2: Keep your camera turned off unless instructed otherwise.

You may write questions using the chat function on Zoom.

You may also raise your hand using this function on Zoom.

Our Gatherings usually last between 30-45 minutes. I do stay on afterwards to answer questions. You are invited to remain.

NOTE: I am unable to provide tech support during the Gathering.


Here is the library of all previously recorded Gatherings: https://wp.me/Pb3VB1-7Y


Have a question or comment? Write to me here:
Please do not use this form to register for the Gathering(s).
Go to the top of the page and use the link to Zoom provided as the link changes every week.

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